In today's day and age, your customers are on social media networks like Facebook.  Are you there as well?  Do they know what you're offering?  We can help you get new customers with the power of social media advertising.

Social Media Advertising

Superhero Ads Media specializes in using Facebook, Instagram and YouTube ads to help businesses find new customers.  How do we do that?  Simple, we put the right ad in front of your ideal customer.  If you think social media ads won't work for your business, give us a chance to prove you wrong.  Social media advertising works for everyone, you're just not doing it right.

E-mail and Text Message Marketing

E-mail and SMS text are powerful marketing channels. We build your email and text message lists with our highly targeted social media campaigns which we can use to advertise your products and services again and again!


For those people who don't take action, meaning they came to the landing page but didn't actually give their information, we will continue to retarget them with ads that follow them around everywhere they go. They will see these ads all of the time which keeps your business top of mind. These ads are very effective. Psychologists say that people need to see things at least three times before taking action.